5S Benefits for Students

Over the past several years the lean concepts which started out only in manufacturing have been used to improve just about every other industry. These strategies, however, can also be used to benefit students of just about every age. Look at these powerful benefits students can gain from learning about the 5S strategies which have become so popular in the business and manufacturing world.


Millions of students at every level suffer due to poor organizational skills. It can start extremely early on when kids don’t properly keep track of homework or mix up notes between classes. As kids’ age and get into more advanced classes they can often fall behind not because they don’t understand the subject matter, but because they are unorganized, which keeps them from being prepared for exams and other important events. Lean strategies can help teach students how to get and stay organized both as a student and later as an employee or business owner.

Wasted Time

Students are famous for being able to procrastinate and waste time. Many parents can attest to the fact that their children spend hours doing ten minutes worth of homework because they are constantly distracted and wasting time. Unfortunately this is not something that goes away as most kids age, which is why it needs to be taught. Using the 5S concepts it is possible to help students eliminate wasted time so they can accomplish great things.


When using the 5S concepts on their school work they will be able to achieve higher levels of success. This is obviously a good thing since they will be able to get the grades they need, but it can also help them to feel more confident. This confidence can translate into major benefits both as a student and throughout their life.

Long Term Benefits

When discussing the long term benefits of teaching kids about 5S strategies the first thing to think about is the fact that they will perform better in school. Even modest improvements in their grade point average through high-school can allow them the opportunity to attend better colleges and universities. This will open additional opportunities for them when they are ready to enter the workforce as well. The most minor things that help younger children can truly have lifelong benefits.

When students learn about 5S strategies in school they will also have a leg-up on the competition at work because they will already be aware of this standard. Many companies spend countless hours and dollars training individuals on what 5S is and how to use it. Students graduating with a firm grasp of these concepts will be in high-demand for many years into the future. Companies want to hire individuals with this type of experience and whether it comes from a previous employer or learning it in school it will provide excellent benefits.

5S strategies are great for students precisely because they can be used in such a variety of ways. They can help them with the school work while young and then they can adapt the concepts to help them at work as well. Taking the time to teach and learn these concepts can be life changing for these students.

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