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5S Checklist

One of the nice things about the 5s certification is that unlike many other standards, this one has a lot of tools and supplies available to help make implementing the best practices much easier and more effective.  These 5s supplies are available to order right online and they are all very affordable.  Each facility will need a different set of supplies so take some time to go through your facility and identify exactly what you’ll need before making an order.  Remember, you’ll want to not only have enough for the initial roll out, but also to replace items that break or ware out.

Types of 5s Supplies

There are many different 5s supplies to choose from, and for many people it is effective to go through a full catalog and pick out items which would be useful to them.  It is also smart to go through your facility with a notepad to write down each area that could use each type of supply.  Here are just a few of the many different types of supplies that you can use to give you some ideas:

  • Floor Tape – This tape is applied to the floors throughout your facility and will help alert people to potential hazards or keep them going in the right directions.  This inexpensive item is essential for most facilities.
  • Signs – In many cases the best way to give people quick information is with a detailed sign.  Whether it is to identify an emergency exit or of the danger of a moving vehicle, signs are an important safety and efficiency tool.
  • Tags – Identifying all the different tools and materials used in a facility can be difficult.  By tagging it with all the information about it you can efficiently manage inventory and also keep your facility well organized.
  • Training Products – Teaching each of your employees about what 5s certification is and how it will benefit them will help ensure they support the process.  It will also help them get the most out of the different 5s supplies which are brought in to the facility.

Placement of Your Supplies

Some people make the mistake of rushing through the placement of their 5s supplies once they get them.  This is not recommended because if you have to make changes down the road it will only cause confusion and problems.  Take your time and ensure you have a well thought out plan which will benefit everyone in the facility.  If you’re managing more than one building or you have to work with other facility managers make sure to coordinate with them as well to ensure everyone is on the same page.

When proper planning is done before placing your supplies you will not have to make any significant changes which means less confusion and no wasted products or time.  The 5s program is designed to help improve efficiency and safety and one big way to do that is by making sure you only have to do things once and that you do them right the first time.

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