Safety – The Last Pillar of 6S

Two safety workers meeting

Everyone knows how useful 5S is and how it transforms a messy workplace into something tidier and more productive. However, let’s remind ourselves of what goes into a well-rounded 5S program that is there to stay, rather than one that fizzles out and disappears. Sort/Seri is the first step in a workplace transformation which aims to sort out frequently used and unused equipment. Set in Order/Seiton aims to organize and place the more frequently used …

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5S and 6S

The traditional 5 “S’s” of 5s are Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.  Facilities around the world have been following the 5S standards for years with incredible successes.  Some companies today, however, want to add in another S to try to further improve on this already very popular set of standards.  The sixth S is for safety which most people would agree is always of utmost importance in any type of facility today. Those who …

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