Factory Floor Safety Markings

When working on a factory floor there are many different hazards which can cause significant harm to people in the area, products being made or even other machinery.  Finding ways to reduce or eliminate risk in a factory is an important task which can help improve the overall working environment as well as be a very effective way to reduce the expenses related to accidents in a factory.  One of the simplest and cheapest ways to reduce the risk in a factory is by using factory floor safety markings.

Types of Floor Safety Markings

There are several different options when it comes to marking your floor with safety information.  Many factories will choose to pain their floors with specific colors that have different meanings.  Others will use floor marking tape which can inform people of different potential hazards and help guide them where they are going.  Regardless of the type of floor marking you are using it is important to have the colors and symbols used on the floors well documented so everyone knows what they mean.  Any changes or additions that are made should also be explained to everyone who works in the area to ensure they are effective.

Ways Floor Safety Markings Can Improve Safety

Every factory is a little different, but they all have a variety of potential hazards.  Identifying these hazards is one of the most important reasons safety managers will use floor markings in a factory.  If, for example, a particular piece of machinery moves in a set area it is a good idea to mark the area with floor markings.  This will help alert anyone who is working there that there is the potential for the machine to come into that area so they should avoid it or use extreme caution.

Using these markings in areas where hi-lo’s or other vehicles may travel is also a good idea since they are often very quiet which makes them difficult to anticipate for those walking in the area.  The drivers of these vehicles can sometimes be driving without a full line of sight available so having the floor markings will help ensure everyone is more aware of where these vehicles may be driving.

Floor Marking Training

It is essential that you take the time to make sure everyone knows what each type of floor marking means.  Red tape, for example, may indicate one particular type of hazard.  In addition to colors you can also use different designs in different areas.  Some factories, for example, will use striped tape in areas where dangerous chemicals are used or the floor may become potentially slippery.   Each factory should have one individual who is responsible for setting the standards throughout the facility.

They should also be responsible for keeping any documentation updated and distributed to everyone in the area.  Providing training to new employees or even visitors to the factory is also an important task for this individual.  When a factory successfully implements floor safety markings everyone will enjoy the improved safety and security.

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