Fuel Spill Kit

When working with any type of fuel it is essential that you are as careful as possible to ensure there is no spilling.  Unfortunately it is impossible to guarantee that a spill will never happen, and that’s why having a fuel spill kit is essential whenever working with any type of fuel.  From regular gasoline to rocket fuel each of these petroleum based products need to be handled differently than most other things and that’s why a special spill kit is so important.

Everyone knows that fuel is a flammable liquid and that is actually the whole reason people use it since it burns in engines to create power.  While fuel is used in the proper places it is a great tool which can help people do many things which would otherwise be impossible.  If, however, it is spilled on the ground or in the water it can quickly become very dangerous.

The first danger is that it will ignite and cause a large fire which can spread very quickly.  Since most fuel spills will occur near other containers of fuel it is especially dangerous when a fire breaks out.  Another danger is that it can give off toxic fumes which can make it difficult or dangerous to breath.  Even if it is washed down a drain or into the water it can contaminate a large amount of water making it unsafe for people to drink or animals to live in.  The bottom line is, cleaning up a fuel spill quickly and properly is essential to any facility.

Using Fuel Spill Kits

Fuel spill kits are designed specifically to absorb a variety of different types of fuels quickly and safely.  Depending on the specific kit and which supplies are included you typically just open it up and use the specially made absorbent mat to place it on the fuel spill.  It will then pull in spill so you can safely dispose of it.  Remember, however, that the gas is still flammable even when it is in the spill kit so make sure to follow the instructions carefully to keep the risk of a fire to a minimum.

There is often additional supplies which can be used to make sure all the fuel is cleaned and dealt with safely.  Wiping down the entire area is an important part of cleaning up any type of fuel spill.  If you miss even a small amount it can be dangerous for quite a long time after the spill so be sure to take care of it completely.

Choosing your fuel spill kit will depend primarily on how big of a spill you believe may occur.  If you’re not working with huge drums of fuel then you can typically have a smaller kit which is easy to store and pull out only when you need it.  Just be sure to watch for any expiration dates to ensure it is in good working order when you eventually do need to use it.  You don’t want to be in a dangerous situation and have an ineffective fuel spill kit on hand.

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