Implementing a 5S or Safety program can be overwhelming.  So many things to keep track of, so many people to convince that this is a good idea, and so many organizational duties to perform.

Consider Doing It Yourself

Do you know what makes life easier? Having something that can help, like labels.  Labels are great for 5S, 6S, Pipe Marking, Arc Flash, and Safety Labeling because they give everyone a clear-cut idea of where things are, where they go, or how you should proceed in that area.

Industrial-Grade Construction Labels

But, considering the climate, surfaces, and potentially hazardous environments in any industrial complex, it is important to ave QUALITY labeling in certain places.  You want labels that will hold up to temperature fluctuations, chemicals, water, steam, sunlight, and other potentially-damaging forces.

Get the Best : LabelTac!

You’ll need a thermal printer to make these labels, and I’d suggest you go with the LabelTac brand.  They are great: they can print fast and high quantities of quality industrial-grade labels, they are capable of printing on several colors of label tape, and using several different printer ribbon colors.

Make 5S, Pipe Marking, Safety Signs, and Arc Flash Stickers

Whether it’s labels for marking pipes, creating arc flash stickers, or designating a 5S work area, this labeling machine is going to be a workhorse for your company.  It is an investment that will save you a lot of money and time in the long AND short term.

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