The EPA has a program known as the renovation, repair, and painting program. This program focuses on helping to ensure homes and businesses are using the proper safety requirements during a renovation.  Issues with lead paint, contaminated areas, and other potential problems can put people doing the work and those in the surrounding area at significant risk if they are not using the proper protection standards.   While renovations, repairs and painting are all required parts of running a facility, there can also be times when there is interruption of work and even hazards which need to be dealt with.

In order to keep everyone safe and allow for these types of projects to be completed without any problems it is important to keep both efficiency and safety in mind throughout the planning and implementation of these types of tasks.  Depending on the specific tasks associated with a particular project there are many things which can be done to help keep everyone safe.


Even when you’re not directly working with hazardous chemicals or fumes it is important to keep proper ventilation in mind for almost any type of project.  This is especially true for facilities which do have harmful materials located in the area.  One example where proper ventilation is more important than most people would think at first is when you’re going to paint a wall.  In most cases it will first need to be sanded down to ensure an even coat of paint can be put on.  If that wall ever had harmful materials splashed on it or if the fumes of these chemicals were to build up on the existing paint over a period of years the sanding can release the dangerous chemicals into the air.

With proper ventilation everyone performing the painting as well as those working in the surrounding area can be confident that any amounts of harmful items will be removed quickly and safely.  Even in areas where dangerous chemicals are not used there is always a risk of lead paint and other potential dangers.

Work Disruption

Another thing to think about when planning any type of renovation, repair or painting is what type of work disruption it will cause.  Keeping entire areas closed off during these types of projects is often important to ensure everything is done properly, but that needs to be balanced with the needs of the rest of the facility as well.  In many cases the work can be done after hours when a facility is closed, but that is not always possible.

When these types of situations come up it is essential to be able to put the safety of the facility and the people working in it first.  All renovations, repairs, and painting must be scheduled ahead of time when possible with proper planning on how it will affect other areas.  When these things are thought through and all the members of each affected area are brought in to plan out how to avoid unnecessary down time and danger it is possible to make sure everything is done properly without any major disruption.

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