Warehouse Floor Marking Tape

Warehouse floor tape

As most people know an improperly run warehouse can be extremely dangerous for both the people who work there and also everything that is stored there as well.  It is critical to have a well organized facility if you want it to run smoothly and profitably.  One thing many warehouse managers use to help keep everything safe and efficient is warehouse marking tape.  There are many different types of this tape and it can be used to help mark off different areas or indicate where people should and should not go.  It is best to have a color coded system which allows employees and visitors to immediately know of any potential dangers in the area or what types of things are possible there.

In addition to color coding you can also use ‘pattern codes’ which is tape that has a set color pattern on it, often black and yellow.  These patters will help the tape stand out more so people will be less likely to use it.  Finally, there are also a variety of different widths which you can use to indicate areas where people should not cross, for example.

Where to Use Warehouse Marking Tape

One of the nicest things about this type of tape is that it can stick to a wide range of different things including carpeting, concrete, walls and more.  This allows you to consistently mark your entire facility in a uniform way.  Using the same color and size of tape for similar purposes allows you to efficiently mark the entire facility which is highly recommended for lean manufacturing certifications.

Many people use this tape to mark things like paths which vehicles such as hi-lows will travel in a warehouse.  Since drivers of these vehicles often don’t have very good visibility it is important to let everyone in the area know that they will be driving in the area.  This way the responsibility to avoid accidents is shared between the drivers and the individuals walking through the area.  This is an excellent way to improve overall safety of any warehouse.

The tape can also be used to mark things on walls and even ceilings if needed.  This can be effective for indicating evacuation zones for emergencies and other similar things.  Some facilities might want to have indicators on the walls, for example, to follow towards exists since the floors may be highly trafficked which would cause the tape to wear off.

Each location will have different uses for warehouse marking tape, but virtually every facility will be able to benefit from this flexible tool.  Just make sure to choose the proper colors which will stand out from your other equipment and be easy to see from all areas.  Applying this tape is quick and simple, and when done properly it will last for years with little maintenance.  Simply clean it to ensure it stays visible and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a safer warehouse immediately. Another great benefit of this tape is that it is so affordable that it is an easy decision to take this small but effective step to improve warehouse safety.

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