Warehouse Safety Signs

Warehouse Notice Sign

Running a warehouse is a complex and difficult task which takes a lot of effort directed in many different places.  While there are many very important tasks which contribute to the success of any warehouse, none are as critical as the safety of the facility.  Most warehouses have dozens or even hundreds of employees who are working with and around complex and often very dangerous equipment.  One of the most affordable, and effective ways to help improve the overall safety of the facility is to add warehouse safety signs.

These signs come in a wide range of different types which can indicate virtually any type of danger.  You can even have custom signs made to illustrate something that is unique to your warehouse.  In general, these signs are used to warn employees and visitors of hazards such as locations of toxic materials, areas where large vehicles such as forklifts are driven and when there are moving parts on a machine that could endanger anyone in the area.

Choosing Warehouse Safety Signs

When you’re looking into getting warehouse safety signs for your facility you should start by taking a tour of the warehouse looking out for potential hazards.  It is especially helpful if you have individuals who work in each area identify dangers that you might otherwise miss.  Write down each of the different dangers in the area and what it is that causes it.  If possible, of course, you should work to eliminate any hazards possible but when that is not possible, mark the area with a warehouse safety sign.

Make sure not to overlook any hazards.  Some of them  will be obvious like the paths where hi-lows drive, but other dangers are not quite so clear.  If, for example, you have an area where pallets are stacked while not in use it might be a good idea to put up a sign so people watch out for the possibility of them falling when someone adds or removes one from the pile.

Installing Warehouse Safety Signs

Once you’ve identified all the areas which will require a sign and they have arrived it is time to have them hung up.  Many warehouses will have a specific person who is responsible for hanging these signs but if not it is important to hang them securely.  Most signs will come with the necessary hardware to hang them safely.  Remember, they should be easy to read and at eye level so they are not missed.  Taking the time to install them properly the first time can help prevent any problems down the road.

Remember, after they are hung it is important to keep them visible.  Don’t stack boxes in front of them or move equipment into their path so people can’t see them.  If your warehouse has a lot of activity which causes things to be dirty, make sure the signs are cleaned off on a regular basis to ensure they are easily seen and read for everyone in the area.  Keeping your warehouse safety signs visible is an important part of keeping your facility safe.

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