Workplace Injury Statistics

The number and type of injuries that take place in any given facility will have a major effect on many things including the overall profitability and efficiency of a given area.  Injuries of all types cause major work slowdowns because the individual has to get treated and depending on the situation the entire area may need to be shut down for a safety inspection as well.  While it is sometimes tempting to just try to brush injuries, particularly minor injuries, under the rug; it is actually better gather up all the workplace injury statistics possible so you can take action to reduce the number of injuries that take place each year.

Whenever there is an injury reported it should be clearly documented with as much information as possible about the injury.  Details such as where the injury took place, the severity of the injury, whether or not machinery or other equipment was involved and any other pertinent information should always be written down and stored in a file.  This is not to place blame on any one person, but rather to attempt to find any trends or identify problem areas so they can be fixed.

What Will Workplace Injury Statistics Do

At first glance this type of documentation and storing of information about every injury that occurs may seem time consuming and pointless, but when you look at all the different ways in which it is able to help you avoid future problems it is easy to see why it is so valuable.  The vast majority of workplace injuries are going to be fairly minor in nature.  Things like cuts are often seen as just a part of the job in many facilities.  While it is certainly true that it is impossible to make any area 100% safe, with the right information it is easy to reduce the danger in any given area.

After keeping information about workplace injuries for a set period of time the safety manager will be able to start spotting trends in the types or locations of injuries.  With this information he can make a detailed plan of action to start reducing the number and severity of injuries within his facility.  If, for example, there are several reports of people getting cut on the same machine within a few weeks or months.  This could be an indication that there should be a safety guard or other protective device added to that particular machine.

Employee Protection & Participation

One of the most important things about workplace injury statistics is that you need to have the employees reporting their injuries when they occur.  This means that they need to be able to trust that they won’t get in trouble for honest accidents.  While some things like negligence should clearly be dealt with, most accidents are simply accidents which can be used as learning opportunities if the employees feel comfortable following the standards which are put in place for reporting injuries and receiving treatment. Without employee buy-in, you’ll never have a successful workplace injury statistics report and that will prevent you from making any meaningful changes.

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